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No Evidence of Fraud in 2020

There was no credible evidence of material election fraud in 2020 (defined as being enough fraud to have changed the course of the presidential election). Trump and his team spent two months lying to his followers and the media saying there was massive election fraud and the election was rigged. Meanwhile in court, his lawyers not only did not present evidence of that fraud, but when asked by various judges if they were alleging fraud, they all responded with “no your honor”.

Moreover, Trump’s own attorney general, as well as numerous Republican election officials…

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Some political history, I lean conservative/libertarian on most things. I do think there is a role for government, but I want it to be limited and effective. So while I certainly lean towards traditional Republicans on government size and fiscal responsibility, I also lean liberal/libertarian on others. For example, I want to end the drug war and change a great many things about our “justice” system (and really the total number of laws and regulations that exist).

Thus, since 2008 I haven’t voted for either major political party of president. I thought Obama gave a great speech, but governed like…

A crucial tool to help flatten the curve and eventually re-open the economy

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Much has been written about the United States missed opportunities to contain the virus domestically. The CDC sent out faulty test kits to the states, and the FDA red tape slowed down private sector testing from stepping in. The result the US greatly lagged behind other countries in testing and tracing and the virus spread largely undetected from coast to coast.

However, another factor in the initial spread of the virus was that the US deliberately discouraged face mask usage. This was due to the desire to make sure that there were enough N95 masks for the healthcare sector. …

Lessons from coronavirus testing.

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As America goes into lock-down due to the coronavirus outbreak, Americans wonder how this happened. How did we let the virus get a foothold in America? Why did we wait so long to take aggressive action to contain the virus? And in particular, why did it take so long for testing of the coronavirus to ramp up here?

By March 12th the United States had only tested 11,000 people for the coronavirus, but South Korea was testing 12,000 people a day. Lack of testing in the US meant that many individuals were not getting tested that should be. …

My five day almost fast

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As I’ve gotten older, and my aches and pains have gotten more pronounced, I’ve begun paying more and more attention to my health. I’ll be 43 soon, and still have two young kids. I want to be around to see them grow up and have kids of their own. Plus (and this is really important), I already have enough pain from various types of inflammation (bad back, joint pain etc) and I REALLY don’t want to not hurt. And I know that diet and exercise are crucial for longevity and quality of life.

Previously I…

For Students and the Nation

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Nationwide there is a lot of concern about college affordability. Almost 70% of students graduated with student loans in 2019, and with an average loan balance of almost $30,000. Total student loan debt is over $1.6 trillion dollars which totals more than that nation’s credit card debt. These high levels of student loan debt weights down graduates and makes it harder for them to save for retirement, buy a house, and all the other things you start spending money on after graduation.

Naturally there are a number of plans politicians are proposing to lessen this burden. In particular, Senator Sanders…

Dealing with corruption and freedom of speech.

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People have been concerned about money and politics for probably about as long as politics has been going on (or at least representative democracy). There is a very reasonable concern that people with lots of money are treated differently than the rest of us. That the elites are gaming the system through government programs, regulations, and taxes. That the system is rigged against your everyday working man. In short we want to make sure that the people we elect are really looking out for us, not just the guy with the biggest checkbook. We are very concerned that most politicians…

Coronavirus — what can you do to be prepared

Pandemic and disaster preparation

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Despitenumerous government programs that encourage people to be prepared, and natural disasters that occur with some regularity across the country and the world, far too many of us aren’t prepared. We mean to get prepared, we understand its part of what we should be doing as a responsible adult just like having home or life insurance (you do have both right? Particularly if you have a family???). But things come up, life gets busy, and money gets tight.

Then people realize that the hurricane is coming their…

What to do in the coming election

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I’m sure like many of you I’m not totally happy with our choices in the coming presidential election. I am a Republican, but haven’t voted for the Republican nominee for president since Bush in 2004. I lean right on many issues, libertarian on some, and even liberal on a few. My general philosophy is that I want a government that operates within the bounds of the constitution based on limited enumerated powers (ie the powers should be spelled out in the constitution). I do think there is a roll for limited and effective…

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Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Brain Fog

My journey through an unexpected and terrifying illness

This my story on how I’ve largely overcome a fairly debilitating illness of anxiety, depression and brain fog. Hopefully this helps some others on their journey as they deal with these terrible conditions.

My journey starts around seven years ago. I’ve always been a pretty active guy and happy guy. Aggressively pursuing career advancement (CPA, MBA etc while working full time) that enjoyed going out and having fun. I was also very open to new recreational experiences of a certain variety when I was younger before…

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